Stark Park

A stewardship of the Friends of Stark Park

Gravesite Restoration

In 2012 the Friends of Stark Park chose the restoration of the Stark Family Gravesite as their next big project. We had already completed the construction of our wonderful Hecker*Hastings bandstand in 2009 and the repair and restoration of the General Stark equestrian statue, finished in 2010. The Stark Family Gravesite Restoration Project was our biggest challenge to date. The cost of the project was close to $200,000. Since Stark Park is on the State and National Registers of historic Places, we were mindful that anything we did had to be in keeping with the historic nature of the site. None of the graves were disturbed in any way. We restored and replicated the periphery of the gravesite only, with restored corner posts, replacing the urn lost to vandalism long ago on the Stark Family Monument and the restoration and repair of the cast iron fencing. An impressive cobblestone-like apron was also installed in front of the gravesite. The project was done in total cooperation with the City of Manchester and the State of New Hampshire.