Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods 

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Have you ever wondered what is beyond the Stark Family Gravesite, as the paved trails head down to the Meadow and woods? Maybe you have seen folks coming from this area and wondered “Where have they been?” These western lower 15 acres of Stark Park have been turned into a wonderful place for you to enjoy.

Over many years, hundreds of invasive trees and shrubs, such as Bittersweet had covered over the former Stark fields. Now, the Friends of Stark Park with the support of Manchester Parks & Recreation and Manchester Moves, Inc. have developed the “Walk in the Woods” trail network. These historic trails have been restored to give you access to the entire Park. We envision that one day, a “Rail with Trail” experience will be built along the railroad tracks to connect the park with the Merrimack River and the rest of the city and state.

Just before Spring in 2021, the trails were marked, cleared, and prepared for walking (with or without your dog), jogging, cross country skiing/shoe shoeing and passive mountain bike riding.

So, head out there to explore the area around the wetlands and see this wonderful informal nature preserve. With a five-year plan being developed, additional modifications to the trail network along with planned activities will occur each year. 

Be part of this exciting activity! You are invited to get involved enhancing the trail network on one of our volunteer days and/or helping to spread the word about this expanded benefit Stark Park is providing our community. 

"Thanks to generous assistance from Manchester Moves, an organization dedicated to developing and expanding access to nature trails, which has adopted the woodlands of Stark Park as part of their trail-building mission, we are finally able to present the Walk in the Woods trail.  This trail connects to the Heritage Trail network, building upon and expanding what is already in place."